Mila Kunis workout and diet

Black Swan star Mila Kunis is no stranger to strict diet and exercise routines. Indeed, Mila Kunis (as did co-star Natalie Portman) controversially lost 20 pounds last year for her role as ballerina Lily, as we previously reported. Her low-calorie-intake diet was “hell,” she described to Star. “I was on a five meal-a-day diet of 1,200 calories. I could eat anything that fit into the palm of my hand. That’s it.” Her workouts were equally punishing: she worked with a trainer for seven days a week, five hours a day, for a total of five or six months.

Luckily, her role in the upcoming film Friends With Benefits is less demanding – though she did have to spend a lot of onscreen time naked. To stay in top shape for her revealing role, Mila Kunis reverted to her pre-Black Swan workouts of choice: snowboarding, Pilates, and a “little bit of weights.” Obviously, snowboarding is out of the question during the summer months, but the basics of this total-body-toning sport can be translated into exercises at the gym. Since the key elements of snowboarding are balance and strength, exercises such as leg presses, seated rows, lat pull downs, abdominal work, leg curls, and calf raises, that target the body’s stability muscles (core), are key. Mila discovered her love for Pilates while shooting her romantic comedy Forgetting Sarah Marshall. Pilates focuses on physical conditioning, which helps Mila maintain her naturally lean look.

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Mac Danzig takes on Justin Buchholz tonight at UFC 109 in Las Vegas. MMA fighters, especially UFC fighters, are some of the fittest athletes in the world. Hard to believe, but Mac is able to maintain his lifestyle through a vegan diet.  Mac Danzig talks about his diet in one of his blog posts:

Brown Rice: One of my main sources of complex carbs along with Oatmeal… I buy the ‘microwave in the bag’ frozen brown rice from Trader Joe’s… It’s pretty easy to make and can be added to almost any meal. Wild Rice (actually a grass seed) is even better if you can get a hold of it.

Portobello mushrooms: These are great. Good protein source, low calories, low sodium… Can be sauteed or stir-fried with vegetables. I eat many of these when cutting weight.

Tempeh: This is a Tofu-based food and a good source of protein and fiber… Although a little bitter when eaten plain, I find that some flavorings can really make this good…

Quinoa: This grain is sometimes a chore to cook, and if you live in the middle of nowhere, it might be hard to find, but it’s a great source of not only carbs and protein, but fiber as well. This is one of the most nutritionally complete foods out there with a full, balanced set of amino acids…

Black Beans, lentils, etc: Really, many Mexican foods I find to be pretty substantial as long as there’s some beans and rice in it… Lentils are great in soup and have some decent protein and fiber…
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Chase Utley discusses his workouts and his diet.

The 2010 MLB campaign is only a few weeks away.  We recently took a peek at Second Baseman Dustin Pedroia of the Red Sox. Today, we take a look at Second Baseman Chase Utley of the Philadelphia Phillies, who is fresh off of two consecutive World Series appearances.  What are Chase Utley and the Phillies’ chances this year? Well if it has anything to do with his Utley’s workout ethic and dietary discipline, the City of Brotherly Love might just be hosting another World Series this October.

At the gym, Utley focuses on his core more than anything else. In particular, he’ll use just about anything to work on his core including bungee cords, swiss balls, medicine balls, and negative impulse training. Utley also notes that “come end of the offseason when I’m feeling good about my workouts, I’ll do some pull ups all day long – those are fun.”

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alicia silverstone picture 2 230x300 Alicia Silverstone 21 Day Vegan Kickstart celebrity diets For those that are trying to lose weight, a vegan (or vegetarian or flexitarian) lifestyle is safe and effective way to lose weight and keep the weight off.  It’s certainly not easy to make such a dramatic change in your diet, but perhaps the 21-Day Vegan Kickstart headlined by Alicia Silverstone may help.

Alicia has been at least a vegetarian for over 10 years and is the other of The Kind Diet in which she shares the insights that encouraged her to swear off meat and dairy forever, and outlines the spectacular benefits of adopting a plant-based diet, from effortless weight loss to clear skin, off-the-chart energy, and smooth digestion.

Here of some of Alicia’s nutrition tips:

  1. As your body adjusts to the new sense of fullness and satisfaction from plant-based foods, eat hearty protein dishes, especially those containing tempeh or seitan and prepared with generous amounts of seasoning. This will help your body recognize a new type of fullness and satisfaction that isn’t doing damage to it.
  2. Whole grains are your new best friend and will be an essential part of your daily diet—ideally at every meal. These amazing little seeds are literally full of life and contain a pure, essential energy that we don’t get from most other foods. Grains will keep you balanced, centered, energized, and focused.
  3. No matter where you’re at in life or on this journey, you are sure to encounter a few bumps in the road.  Don’t worry!  This is normal.  We can all support each other on this passage to healthier and happier living. Don’t forget to use the Kickstart message board when you have a question or need support.
  4. Sometimes we think about food because we’re bored or just stuck in a habit. As you make these big changes in your eating, it’s helpful to have a few activities up your sleeve to give you satisfaction: calling a friend, walking your dog, taking a bath, or reading more about this lifestyle can help occupy a wandering mind.
  5. When planning meals, re-create dishes you love, like spaghetti with meat sauce or your favorite Chinese dish, with new ingredients. Use a sauce you love on meat (like a barbecue or teriyaki) and serve it over rice, seitan, or vegetables. You may love it!
  6. Short on time? Soups are great for quick meals because you can empty the fridge into a leftover soup! Start with water or a good vegetable stock, then add grain or sweet potatoes or beans and any vegetables you haven’t gotten around to using. Eat with a slice of toast. Quick, yummy, and satisfying.

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